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July 07, 2008


Emma Hoyle

I'm afraid it was only a matter of time before PR agencies started flogging Web 2.0 services. Some even have Web 2.0 divisions these days!

Blogging in particular is something that many companies view as time consuming rather than thinking of it as a strategic addition to their comms. They get pursuaded to invest in these services by in-house marketing and PR people who can't be bothered and don't really understand it, so outsource it by convincing the rest of the business it is a necessary evil.

Few service providers would understand the issues well enough to join the debate in any kind of useful way, either to client or reader.

Companies with wares to sell still have a contribution. They can still add value to conversations and get involved without the blatant self-promotion. And if they can't, they should leave it alone altogether.

Sales force automation

Brain, you are right actually. The rate bloggers normally get ($0.015 per post)are near to nothing an d can cause the end of blogging. But i think bloggers charging such a low rate are a threat for well paid bloggers like you and me. They should understand that if a company hires a person only for blog posts, it has to pay him alot instead of hiring a blogger or freelance writer for blog posts. Blogging is a need to companies as it contributes to increase Ranking of company's website. So, bloggers should be confident to charge high prices. Nice post but excellent. thank you.

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