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July 17, 2008


Scott (Business & Finance) Jankins

Finding good Finance Software is always difficult, but everything here seems to be legit.

Due diligence data room

Brain, there is a huge difference between Oracle and other Software providers. Oracle is the giant in Business world specially in finance sector.

I think the reason Oracle has reduced it's marketing budget from 5% to 1.7% is that they have got enough goodwill and market share that they have no need to spend that much on Marketing and they may be focusing more on their core activities.

Adopting modern way to release their important information, for example, blogs are for sure a vital need today.

And focusing on online advertisement is for sure the best way today to speak and interact with global audience instead of using paper media, which interacts with a particular range of readers only.

lastly, the tips you have given for smaller software firms are excellent. I highly appreciate that.

In a nut shell, this is an exceptional and unforgettable post. thank a lot for that.

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