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May 30, 2010


software testing services

I've been looking online for a project management tool to help me with my new start up. I like what you wrote about it and the price sounds reasenable, as well. Thanks for the idea!

Cameron Fenley

This is an excellent post. having such a tool for managing projects online is something very helpful. I have read your post,surely $349 is nothing for the benefits one can get out of it. I will try using it for some of out company projects.

Mobile Proposal Software

I would also recommend to use "Mobile Proposal Software" specifically to manage and increase sales dramatically.

A Brief Detail About "Mobile Proposal Software":

Mobile proposal software is used to improve sales effectiveness and sales engagement process. This software helps to safe time on the sales engagement by enabling them to deliver attractive business proposals, sales proposals, and client facing documents from their mobile devices or I phones. It helps your sales team to provide the most current information to clients without any delay. Any sales person in any country can log into the software and can ask any question, and you can reply him/her instantly. It also helps to provide any information that client asks your sales representative. Having this software in mobile phone means you are with your sales team 24/7 no matter wherever they are and can take any decision like finalizing the selling price with customers. This software is incredibly helpful in exporting jobs.

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